Prelude To Hindsight

Lee Penn Sky

Soulful lyrics and a rich Americana feel make this album perfect for a long drive in the country. With touches of bluegrass and modern folk, Lee Penn Sky's Prelude to hindsight takes you somewhere.

It was a cold January day on a remote highway in Idaho. A young man stopped to help other travelers who were trapped in an overturned truck. As the man was working to rescue them, another car skidded off the road and struck him at highway speed. That man was Lee Penn Sky. On that grey day, Lee almost lost his life and nearly lost his leg; what he did lose was his fear. Until this day, Lee had been a prolific songwriter but never stepped from behind the shelter of a band into the spotlight himself. The risk of stepping into the spotlight seemed to pale in comparison to nearly losing his life. Slowly as he healed he began to writing new songs and perform them himself. Healing from his severe injuries gave Lee time to figure out who he wanted to be as an artist, time to hone his skills and style. Lee plays folk-oriented songs that span the Americana range, and are rooted in his Michigan childhood and the high-plains desert of Idaho, where he now resides. He has an affinity for Texan songwriters like Robert Earl Keen, Steve Earle, Willie Nelson, and the late great Townes Van Zandt. While these artists inform Lee Penn Sky’s music, he doesn’t emulate his heroes. Instead, his style has been described as Counting Crows meets Greg Brown meets "a milder, slightly more melodic and less manic version of Joe Cocker" to give you "Acoustic Soul." Prelude to Hindsight is Lee Penn Sky’s first offering as a solo artist. Several of his songs from this album have been played on folk radio shows through out the United States and his song "Michigan" is being used commercially by

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