The Oliphants

The Oliphants

The Oliphants are Acoustic Americana Jam - Acoustic music generating enough juice to electrify your boogie! Trunkadelic!

The Oliphants are explosive, spontaneous and uninhibited.  Lee Penn Sky, on guitar and harmonica brings unbridled energetic boot stompin' happiness, easy listening grooves, contagious humble-pie vocals and heartbreaking lyrics.  Troy "Rosie" Ferguson on the Standup Bass with pulsating smooth rhythms mixed with classical jazz abandon.  Jake Englehorn brings a Worldbeat percussive polyrhythmic center to it all. To top it off is Dan Costello who soulfully plays just about every instrument around.   This eclectic group brings home what playing music is all about...The Oliphants – Keeping it Trunky-they are a fully acoustic band that brings to the stage the energy and dynamics of an electric band.

Lee Penn Sky: Lead Singer/Guitar/Harmonica

Troy Ferguson: Standup Bass

Jake Englehorn: Percussion/Cajon/Djembe/Conga/Bongos

Dan Costello: Lead Guitar/Mandolin/Banjo/Kitchen Sink